Legal Information

The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC (“TTCSBC”) wishes to draw your attention to the following advice and disclaimers.

Privacy Policy

Any personal or contact information collected by TTCSBC using this Web site, or by email or any other means, is considered confidential and will be used strictly for the purpose of providing you with services and information. TTCSBC will not sell, lease, or purposefully expose your personal information or in any other way endeavour to impinge upon your personal privacy.

Access to your personal information is restricted to key officers and agents of TTCSBC who use this information strictly for the purposes laid out above.

Event Ticket Sales: Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy


If you have a claim to forward us due to dissatisfaction with a particular TTCSBC event or service, please direct it to us using our Contact page.

Risk of Harm

The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC takes every care to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the patrons of its events. We want you to have a good time, and a safe one.

In consideration of TTCSBC furnishing services and events, I agree as follows:

I fully understand and acknowledge that there are risks and dangers by my attendance at any event and my participation in same; my attendance at any TTCSBC event may result in my injury or illness and these risks and dangers may be caused by the negligence of others, accidents, breaches of contract, the forces of nature or other causes. These risks and dangers may arise from foreseeable or unforeseeable causes; and by my participation, I hereby assume all risks and dangers and all responsibility for any losses or damages, whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence or conduct of TTCSBC, its members, volunteers,  officers, and agents, or by any other person.

It is understood that alcohol will be served at some events, and it is encumbant on me to drink responsibly and not to drive while under the influence of alcohol. I release The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC from any and all liability associated with any acts directly or indirectly related to drinking of alcohol and will indemnify TTCSBC for any costs, and damages which are a indirect or direct result of alcohol consumption.

I on behalf of myself, representatives, heirs, and assigns hereby voluntarily agree to release, waive, discharge, hold harmless defend and indemnify TTCSBC and its members, volunteers,  officers, and agents from any and all claims, actions or losses for injury, property damage, death, costs or loss or services or otherwise which may arise out of my attendance at TTCSBC events, and I specifically understand that I am releasing, discharging and waiving any claims or actions that I may have presently or in the future for the negligent acts or other conduct by the members, volunteers,  officers, and agents of TTCSBC.

The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC reserves the right to refuse admission or to expel me from the events, and you and those attending with you must consent to a reasonable examination to ensure compliance of facility rules.