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PostHeaderIcon Welcome to The Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Society of British Columbia

The TTCS of BC is an organization dedicated to providing cross cultural understanding, acceptance and interaction between peoples of diverse nationalities and heritage through their art, their music and their respective talents and abilities.

Three of the main purposes of the Society as set out in our Constitution are:

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PostHeaderIcon About the TTCS

The TTCS of BC is a non-profit society based in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area dedicated to preserving and sharing Caribbean culture through social services and community events featuring food, art, music and more.

Three of the main purposes of the Society as set out in our Constitution are:

  • To foster among members of the community mutual understanding, appreciation and awareness of the multicultural nature of Trinidad & Tobago.
  • To generate interest and participation in activities that would provide for better cooperation and understanding among members of the community, nationals of Trinidad & Tobago, and the wider Canadian community, and with other organizations with similar aims and objectives.
  • To promote amicable relations between the people and Government of Trinidad & Tobago and the people of Canada, especially those resident in British Columbia.

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PostHeaderIcon Membership

Membership is open to people of all nationalities, color and creeds. This is similar to what one would expect to find in the makeup of the people of Trinidad & Tobago, and in many of the other islands of the Caribbean.


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